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Current productions


Previous productions

'Material Things' part of a compilation of plays by The Bootleg Theatre Company, entitled
'Snapshots' 2010

'White Meat' a play. Groundlings Theatre, 2011 and by Tangled Spider Theatre Company, 2015

'Blackberry Stains' a film. One Eyed Dog Films. 2010 Winner of Goldie Award 2011 for the best
short film

'It Started With A Touch' a play, part of New Wimbledon Studio's 'Fresh Ideas.' 2011, Barons Court Theatre 2011 and by Talking Horse Theatre, Columbia, 2016 and Rosies Vineyard 2018

'The Squeaky Clean' a play The Bootleg Theatre Company, Wimbledon Studio 2013

'3 For The Price of 1 plays, Barons Court Theatre 2013 including 'Counting the Days', and an
extract by The Sheer Height Theatre Company, Arcola Studio 2016

'Torched' part of a double bill of plays by The Bootleg Theatre Company entitled 'Deal With It'

'The Tackle' joint winner of the Lost Theatre Five Minute Play Festival 2015

'Inside Out, a play, Rosie's Vineyard 2015

'The Deserter' finalist Lost Theatre One Act Play Festival 2015

'Grey Matters'('Grace') rehearsed reading by Moving Parts Theatre, Paris, 2015, extract by Sheer Height Theatre Co, Arts Theatre Studio, 2015, and Rosies Vineyard 2017       

'Montgomery' part of 'Summer Showers' compilation of plays Hope Theatre, 2015 and The
Wedgewood Rooms, 2016

Member of the Royal Court Playwrights' Group of 2016.

'Birth' joint winner of the Lost Theatre One Act Play Festival 2016, and The Wedgewood Rooms,

'Runaway' a play, Small But Mighty Theatre, Toronto, 2017 and Rosie's Vineyard, 2018

'Benches' extract from the play by BITS Theatre Company, White Bear Theatre 2018 and Rosie's
Vineyard 2018

'Exhume' a play, Titchfield Festival Theatre, 2019 

'Maisie' a play, The Bread and Roses Theatre 2019 and Rosie's Vineyard 2020

'Freehold' a play, rehearsed reading at the So And So Arts Club 2019, and produced with 'Inside
Out' by Titchfield Festival Theatre 2020.


Freehold’ … Produced by Barons Court Theatre 2022.

’’Messi & Ronaldo’ White Bear Theatre 2023


Short Plays- ’Judgement’ Page 2 Stage, ‘Speechless’ Chichester Fringe , ‘Gnomes’ Bournemouth Writing Festival, 2023 





"'It Started With A Touch' - Is greatly written. The use of sarcastic and witty dialogue mixed with emotional and harrowing scenes is amazing."

-Remote Goat 2011

'The Squeaky Clean'  - "A faithful representation of a multi-layered text. At times hilarious, at others devastatingly sad, it's well worth a look."

- Sutton & Croydon Guardian 2013

' Montgomery' (Summer Showers) - "Montgomery is a light-hearted, disposable piece of fluff and gloriously entertaining."

- View From The Gods 2015

'Counting the Days' (Women Redressed) - "The piece masterfully captures an oppressive morally unsettling world"

-Everything Theatre 2015

 'Grace' - "Goldsmith's writing itself is nothing short of remarkable. The characters are so easily well played because the writing behind them is  so reflective of every day conversation."

- Portsmouth Theatre  2016

'Maisie' - "Goldsmith's prose manages to anchor his lyrical qualities to genuine day-to-day speech, and Dan becomes an every man"

- Broadway World  2019

 'Maisie' - "Goldsmith’s writing of this 45 minute, epic monologue is searingly raw and impassioned, the personable feel to it allows Goldsmith   to  paint Dan as a universal father figure."

-Ask The Ushers 2019

The Deserter' and ' Birth' (Encompass) '...the writing shows Goldsmith's remarkable storytelling ability as he uses a simple monologue to introduce a range of characters'  - Portsmouth News 2023


'Jamie and his Dad' '- Goldsmith uses his writing skills to strong effect, in this 60 minute monologue, which held my attention throughout. The dialogue is both believable and authentic - Portsmouth News 2023


'Falling' (Part of ' Rise and Fall') - 'Goldsmith creates a powerful 'play for voices, clever structure,  entrancing rhythm and remarkable writing which is both lyrical and real' - Portsmouth News 2023


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