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When I was sixteen years of age, I  rode back to work on my push bike after lunching at the house in Portsmouth where I lived with my Mother and Father  to a Wines & Spirits Company where I held a  clerical position. But instead of going to work, I stopped off at Portsmouth & Southsea  railway station, locked up my bike , got a train to London, and saw a matinee perfomance of a play. My love of theatre was born. My job did not last long. But my love of theatre did. 
What followed was interest by Clive Barker,  an actor and director, who worked with Arnold Wesker and the Centre 42 Arts Organisation in a play I'd written called 'The Family'.  Clive invited me to London to discuss the play and my writing. The National Youth Theatre considered staging it. But nothing happened. 
I still have a letter from Cliver Barker,  when I'd settled into family life with a regular job saying that he hoped one day I'd come back to writing.  And I did. But it took a long time. Several decades.
I spent my working life in Engineering in the Oil and Gas Industry as a Planning Engineer. I toured the world and did pretty well. However, I always knew that one day I would be in a place in  life where I would come back to writing. I'm in that place now. 
Initially I wrote film scripts, but aside from  'Blackberry Stains' which won an award in an LA film festival in 2011, nobody wanted to produce my scripts. I decided to try to write plays.  And that's what I have been doing for several years since.  

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